Biography of


Soke Chiaki Ohashi


 10th DAN


Born June 30, 1948 in Showa, Japan

He graduated in 1971 from Meijyo University in Showa.

He is from Nagoya of Aichi Province, his first Master was Sensei Nakano at Rensei-kaikan School. Later he was introduced to Kenpo with master Kazuo Ishizaka.

His reputation as a good fighter earned him the nickname «Ohashi Keri«, for his speed in kicks.

He loved Budo very much and met Shihan Koji Nagamine at Meiko High School and began to learn Kendo. Through the influence of Shihan Nagamine, he entered Meijyo University in Showa in 1967, and learned from Shihan Yoshiro Tanisuki of the Aichi Police.

In 1969, he went through a bad time, as his revolutionary ideas in Martial Arts clashed with the established and he found that something was missing.  For him at that time the important thing was to be a good fighter like that, that after thinking a lot, he decided to start working in a company in the Japanese city of Hamamatsu and began to train as a hobby and not as a way of life (as he had done until that moment). But he lost that spirit of self-improvement, leaving Mushin (unwilling) but later he reacted and began to train a lot with the Shihan Kunio Asakura of Judo and the Shihan Kazuo of Kenpo. Going back to live Budo.

It was then that he knew that his life was Budo and decided to quit his job. In his words, «it was the moment when I began to look for my place in this world.»

Another of his comments is the following: «Since I had a bitter period, I didn’t become crazy about Budo, which allowed me to really get to know him.»

After training very hard, between 1974 and 1976, with Shihan Seiji Sakakibara (deceased) he was living in Australia, Korea, China and New Zealand and continued the practice of Martial Arts, specifically Kenpo Kai and deepening his studies of BUDO.

He introduced Japanese culture and fought many battles in those countries. After the death of Professor Kazuo in 1998 he took charge of Kenpo Kai and tried to create a new project for this school, this happened in the year 2000, which is when the new structures of the current Kenpo Kai were established.

Currently Kenpo Kai has Dojos (Schools) on 5 continents.

Soke Ohashi lives in Hamamatsu in the Japanese province of Shizuoka, his teaching of Kenpo Kai is based on maintaining the virtue of Budo to achieve personal development through Kenpo Kai.

Apart from being the President of the International Kenpo Kai Organization, he also holds the positions of President of the Japanese Budo Conference, He is the President of Greening CC of Japan, Head of the Shizuoka Conference between Japan and Australia, President of the Japan-New Zealand Conference and Professor at Shizuoka University.

Master Ohashi has a slogan that he often utters a lot and that gives an idea of the spirit of his teachings, «Without the teaching of virtue, there is no true teaching! Without virtue in Budo, there is no true Budo!»

Sokê Chiaki Ohashi
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